Expert Articles How we choose newcomers

Expert Articles
How we choose newcomers

The monitoring and analytics market is rapidly developing, and there are still very few trained specialists. We are ready to educate job seekers, to train and take to the team.
Want to join the KAGAMI team? Try to answer the questions below and send the answers along with the CV to e-mail kagami@kagami.digital (the subject of the letter “internship”).

1. What is media? How media differ from Internet portals? Name the types of media.
2. Give examples of the world's leading news agencies in the English-speaking world.
3. Give some examples of English-language media with serious investigative journalism.
5. What is a news aggregator? List the most popular news aggregators you know.
6. Based on what principles does the material go to Google news?
7. List the well-known logical query language operators for Google.
8. Find online media ratings for USA and Great Britain. List them with a link to the sources. What is the general principle of forming a media rating? What are the differences between different versions of ratings? List 10 business media included in the media ratings.
9. List the largest socio-political events in your country of residence, upcoming or last years, included in the global information agenda.
10. Who are the opinion leaders? Who are the online opinion leaders? Who are the social media opinion leaders? Do these concepts coincide? Highlight categories of opinion leaders on the Internet. Name 3-5 representatives in each category.
11. What is social media? List the most used (popular) ones on the Internet
12. Provide examples of international NPOs accounts (10-20 diverse, indicating the number of subscribers and the reasons why you chose this particular platform).
13. What is the difference between reposts and references?
14. How to determine is it a bot or a real user/community?
15. What is the difference between a bot and a popular anonymous account?
16. How to determine the significance of a publication in an unfamiliar account on social networks?
17. What is virality and social media engagement?
18. What is the difference in the behavior of social media users in your country of residence and any other country of your choice.