Information and analytical support in the media

Every minute on Facebook, people post 1.7 million pieces of content.
How to find the most important for you?

Many men, many minds.

And how does the RuNet see you?
All data is useful, even if it is not so obvious.

Cross-platform media research for developing communication strategies.
In what situations do you need our products?

Learn more about information and analytical support
What do the media say about you?

How do your target audiences discuss you in social media?
How to identify organic crisis situations and negative campaigning?
How to deal with current media problems?
How effective is your activity in the information field?
Which promotion channels to choose?

How to evaluate the amount of negative content?

How to restore a reputation?
How to define a puff campaign?
Creating a unique message for the target audience.
Assess long-term media trends and their usefulness / applicability for tasks.
Retrospective research: changes in the opinions and behavior of the target audience in the chronology.
Complex client insights: breadth, efficiency and transparency that are not available in classical field sociology.
Monitoring 360 °
Tracking the effectiveness of all online and offline activities. Only important notifications without spam effect. Promptly!
Real-time media campaign support
Focus monitoring with event or campaign targeting
Emergency investigations of puff campaigns
Investigation department and online detective
Analytical media research and insights
Accurate work with big data
In a huge daily information flow, it is easy to make the wrong strategic decision and it is impossible to see everything. PR specialists are not relentless, top managers can make mistakes, employees can mess up, and the speed of information dissemination is tripled. Look at the problem comprehensively, diagnose, find the source of problems — that's what we can do for you. "Just Google it or roughly check social media" is not enough to find out the needs of current and future customers and create the most attractive offer for them.
If you already have a lot of data, but you need expertise
Media trends
find out what will quickly be forgotten and what will last for years
Complex client insights of any audience slice
particular location, professional community, socio-demographic aspects, etc.
Retrospective studies
with the derivation of integral characteristics for future measurements
In-house staff training
Consulting and training of press services and full-time marketers
Audit of media and social media listening and analysis systems

Specialized media listening and analysis services. We can do it for free, if we are interested in it
All time zones
Frequency of notifications based on the client's schedule
Scope of expertise
Commercial structures, media, public campaigns, politics, corporate cases, and so on
Ability to work with huge amounts of information from different platforms
All platforms, the best software in the industry
without spam and 100% individual approach to the client's tasks
Russian, English, German, Spanish, French, Italian, Ukrainian. Japanese, Chinese, and Arabic languages are available on request.

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